The Only Trend that Matters

Do you keep up with new trends in the world of fitness? There always seems to be a headline proclaiming the latest and greatest trend, each promising to be the solution that you’ve always needed.

Of course, these trends pass with the seasons, quickly being replaced with something newer and more popular.

Today I’d like you to consider the only trend that really matters to your health and fitness progress: the trend of your own behavior.

Here’s what I mean: Have you ever noticed how easy it is to do the same thing today as you did yesterday? This applies to both your activity level and your diet.

  • If you got up at 5am yesterday to get in a workout, then getting up at 5am again today is going to be pretty easy. However, if you slept in until 7am yesterday then getting up at 5am today is going to be much more difficult.
  • If you ate pizza and beer for dinner last night, then eating pizza and beer (or a burger and fries) is going to feel pretty natural. However, if you ate grilled chicken and broccoli for dinner last night, then eating a salad and grilled fish for dinner is going to feel easy.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, something near to my heart. Each week, we’ll be focusing on various areas of wellness that pertains to our mental and emotional health, and behavior is at the core of this area of wellness. 

Remember learning about inertia in school? Inertia is the resistance of any physical object to any change in its state of motion. This has incredible application to your fitness journey.

The longer you can maintain a healthy wellness trend in your own behavior, the easier it will become to maintain that trend. Isn’t that great?! Eating well and exercising has been proven time and time again to improve mental and emotional health - less depression and anxiety, greater confidence and increased ability to tackle what life throws your way.

This simple concept, of maintaining your own daily wellness trend, is the way to continue towards your goal, to avoid setbacks, and to maintain your forward momentum. I’m not saying this will fully cure all the issues you may be facing, and it certainly doesn’t mean that it will be without struggle, but you will see a serious change!

So, the next time that you see a flashy headline about the latest fitness trend, simply smile to yourself and focus on keeping your own daily progress on track.

If you’re having difficulty changing your current trends or maintaining the ones you want to keep, we can help! We empower busy women to take control of their lives and thrive with energy and confidence. It starts with movement and exercise, and quickly seeps into every facet of your life.

Give me a call or simply reply to this email, and let’s get you on track to shed some major fat before summer!

Let’s do this together.

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