Do you have desert soil?

Do you have desert soil?


I made the ambitious decision recently to rent a 700 square foot garden plot in my city’s lot.

It’s almost the size of my home and is covered in weeds, weeds which have no interest in coming out.

My approach has been to choke them out - no water, just straight chopping. It’s been pretty useless, an exhausting task producing small results. 

I finally made a comment about it to the caretaker, a seasoned gardener who’s plot belongs on the cover of a magazine. 

She answered me with an incredulous sigh, much like a doctor would when treating a patient with a headache who keeps hitting their head with a hammer.

“Water the weeds,” she said. “Come back tomorrow, and they’ll pull right out.”

Apparently, my attempt to choke out what I didn’t want was stiffening the roots further into the soil. 

It happens much the same in the soil of our souls.

Ever noticed that cursing and degrading the things about ourselves we don’t like doesn’t make them better, or inspire us to change?

Self love is the catalyst for transformation. The more we love and invest in ourselves, the more good things we do for ourselves and the more love we have to give.

It’s this really cool snowball effect that transforms everything around us. Suddenly, what was overgrown is now blossoming with delicious goodness to share. 

Okay; so my garden isn’t there yet, but we’re much closer than with my prior approach. And you’ll have similar results. 

This week, I encourage you to consider the state of your soil. 

Is it dry, void of nutrients and perpetually embedded with weeds? Perhaps it’s time to water it, nourish it, love on it, so that the old can break loose and the new growth can emerge. 

This is what we’re all about at 5:17. If you’d like an encouraging place to invest in yourself, a group of women who will love you as you are yet love you too much to let you stay this way, then complete the form at the bottom of your screen and we'll reach out. 

Exercise doesn’t have to be painful. Diets don’t have to be arduous. Wellness is water for a thirsty soul, and our pipes are on and ready.



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