June's Client of the Month: Rosalie

June's Client of the Month: Rosalie

It had been an uphill battle for San Jose mom Rosalie since she made a New Year’s Resolution to make wellness a priority in 2018.

Despite her dedication and hard work to her wellness routine on her own, it had been nearly six months of diligent workouts without any progress to show for her efforts, and frustration had begun to bubble over.

“I was feeling hopeless about the direction I was going and wondering if I could ever attain the goals I was trying to attain,” she confesses. “I had hoped to see more results than I had been seeing.”

Her friend Cara told her about 5:17 Total Body Transformations in Campbell, and Rosalie appreciated their unique approach of helping women pursue their fitness goals as a means empower them in all aspects of their life.

It was something bigger than just a workout, and she wanted to give it a try.

“I knew I wasn’t doing something right because I wasn’t seeing results,” Rosalie remembers. “I needed to work with someone for the accountability piece to direct me on what areas to focus.”

She started working with personal trainer (and 5:17 owner) Jennette Holzworth twice a week for private sessions and noticed a difference within their first meeting.

“Having someone like Jennette there to help and support me and direct me on what to focus on really helped.”

Rosalie knew she needed to change her eating habits as well as her exercise routine, and she was guided through the process of changing those pieces one at a time, since slow and steady progress proves to be more sustainable and permanent verses fast, temporary changes that often feel overwhelming.

What surprised her the most was that she could spend less time exercising yet see faster results.

“It doesn’t require as much time as I thought,” she says. “It feels like a lot less needs to be done, especially compared to being stuck on a treadmill. I feel good about the time I spend on what I do because it’s much more focused.”

This isn’t to say it wasn’t without obstacle or difficulty.

Like many women – one in three, to be exact – Rosalie often struggles with anxiety, which would creep up especially during a workout. Jennette, Rosalie’s trainer, was well equipped to handle this given her own personal, yet public battle with the condition, and she also had experience with helping other women through their own battles with anxiety.

Together, they were able to keep it from being an obstacle.

“There were really hard days, and I would have skipped if I was working out alone,” Rosalie recalls. “But we made modifications, so I could continue to exercise, and even when I missed something or had to stop, I was encouraged and reminded of the progress I made and the things I was accomplishing. I felt valued and validated, and that what I did was worth it.”

In just six weeks of training, she dropped 2.33 percent body fat – losing nearly 5 pounds of fat and adding two pounds of muscle, which means her metabolism increased by roughly 700 calories per day. She more than doubled what she could deadlift, one of the best measures of total body strength, and even her husband took notice, she says.  

“I feel more confident in what’s going on in my life,” she says. “Just getting into a bathing suit again, I felt more confident.”

But it’s much more than just looks, she says.

“I talk to my kids about it because I want them to be physically active and working toward something. I feel good that I can be an example for them.”

She recognizes that – like everyone – she is a work in progress, because there’s so much more potential she has left to realize. It’s an encouragement, she says.

“I feel good with where I am, and I feel good about going forward and where I’ll be,” she says. “If you want to see changes, you have to want it and if you want it, you’ll do the work to get there. Having tools made a big difference.”

She’s thrilled to no longer be searching for something that works, and she is excited to be moving toward the next phase of her journey – working on nutrition, increasing her strength and continuing to see progress.

“I was really inspired by the results in just the first six weeks, so I’m motivated to continue.”

She credits the unique approach of Jennette and the 5:17 staff in helping her unlock her ability to succeed.

“I feel they have a lot to offer outside of just workouts,” she says of 5:17. “Other trainers just push you, and they can be really aggressive. That approach just doesn’t work for me. I have friends that go to trainers like this and they get hurt, and the focus isn’t around the client and what they need. But with 5:17, there’s a big shift and they focus on what each individual needs. That care an attention is so valuable, especially when you’re going through stuff.”

It wasn’t so long ago that she was skeptical that she could really see changes, but she’s a believer now –  not just in what accountability and community can provide, but what she can achieve as a woman.

“I wasn’t sure how it was going to pan out, but now I’m inspired to make it work,” she says. “I love the camaraderie and the community being built there, and that’s really motivating. Just try to even do one session and see how it works for you – if you want the results, just give it a try.”

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