Empowered to thrive

Empowered to thrive

Do you ever find it incredible discouraging to scroll through your feed and see people who seem to have it all together?


The mama who got her six pack back in as many months following her baby’s birth. The friend who got that promotion. The vacations… oh, the vacations, especially this time of year!


It’s easy to feel like our efforts are wasted because our stories don’t feel like theirs. It’s easy to feel like we’re failing left and right, and as it’s easy to wonder why we can’t seem to just get it together and get “there” already.


Here’s the thing: you’re not a cake. You didn’t come with a recipe with a pre-determined ingredient list you mix together then bake for a set amount of time and – POP – out comes your desired result.


Your body doesn’t work this way, nor your career or any other pursuit.


Life – and our bodies – are a bit more like INVENTING a recipe. It’s a lot of trial and error, and sometimes we’re happy with the way it turns out the first time and other times not so much. It often takes a dozen times… or more. And, even more frustratingly, the recipe that once worked no longer produces what we desire.


But here’s the thing – no experience is a failure. Each outcome is a result. If you don’t like the results you’re getting, then you must change what you are doing.


Most importantly, the answer won’t lie in looking at the person next to you or by scrolling through your news feed to measure your caliber and how well you’re doing.


While it often looks like others have it figured out, trust me, they don’t. They just didn’t share the other dozen or more times that it didn’t work out. Or, they’re just lucky. And lucky isn’t a measure of success.


So, give yourself grace. Breathe.


You’re not the product of your jean size or your bank account or how well your children behave in the supermarket.


Your value and worth aren’t measured by how quickly you get “there,” but by your perseverance to the journey and the commitments you keep, because these define your character.


Be excited for the mama who slimmed down – it means it is possible. Be proud of the woman who moved up the ladder – it’s one more seat at the table that opens another for all of us. Be inspired by vacation destinations and begin planning now how you’ll take one of your own.


Empowered women thrive and live life on their terms, not blown about by others perceived results. Empowered women empower women. If you’re not feeling empowered, I’d love to connect you with some resources for changing this internal dialogue. You deserve to live your best life, period. Email me to learn more or click here.

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