Final Week of Summer Sanity Savers

Final Week of Summer Sanity Savers

Can you believe Summer is already coming to an end? It might be sad for kids, but all the moms out there are jumping for joy!

This final week of Summer Sanity Savers includes a great hiking location, as well as a few popular museums. Try stopping by one of them to learn some cool new information before everyone heads back to school!


The Marine Mammal Center:

Address: 2000 Bunker Rd, Sausalito, CA

The Marine Mammal Center is actually a marine mammal rehabilitation center, but they also have amazing presentations for all ages about life in our oceans!

On Sunday, August 12th, they'll be having a special interactive presentation on the marine life found in the SF Bay. 

Admission is free, so it can be a better alternative to the Monterey Bay Aquarium- especially since you'll avoid the hoards of aquarium goers!


Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum:

Address: 1660 Park Ave, San Jose, CA

The Rosicrucian is for all your budding archeologists and adventure fans!

There are so many amazing exhibits on the Ancient world to see here. They event have a Tomb Tour which will take you into a replica of the final resting place for an Egyptian official. 

This trip may not be best for younger kids since the idea of mummies tombs can be scary. However, for older kids, this will be an amazing trip they will remember! All tickets are under $10 and there are special events on weekends.

Hope you get a chance to check it out!


The Bay Trail:

Address: (Click above for more information on the different trailheads across the bay!)

This trail is HUGE.

It will soon span over 500 miles and pass through 47 cities. For now, it only totals at 354 miles of paved and unpaved trail.

Though we can't give you all the details on all the trailheads, we can tell you that the Baylands and Shorline Park entrances, located in Mountain View and Sunnyvale, are very kid friendly and quite manageable. 

There are no fees to enter the park, and there is free parking nearby!


Even though Summer is ending, we hope you'll still take time to get out with your families! Most of these Summer Sanity Savers can be enjoyed year-round- especially the hikes and parks.

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