No-fail fat loss plan

Ready or not, the leisurely days of summer have passed and it’s back to reality for us all… the weather is starting to change, and we’re finally finding ourselves settle into a new routine.


Each new season brings a unique opportunity to take care of ourselves and realize the life and body changes we desire, and this is the time when quick fixes become super attractive and gain a new allure. While most of them are useless, if not dangerous, I’ve got some tips to share that can help you see changes fast.


Are you ready for it? What if you spent the next 30 days dropping excess pounds and getting into better shape? Then you could ride out the holiday months fitter than ever and more likely to eat healthier, indulge less and stick with your workout schedule.


Here’s some disclaimers - don’t try to do all of these at once. Pick ONE and you’ll have a much better chance of seeing positive results.


Also, don’t expect that if you implement these that the results will maintain forever. Most likely, if you stop implementing the habit you start, you’ll see regression. You’ll probably have to keep adding things overtime to keep seeing changes.


Sound good? Here we go...


1) Go Gluten Free: Going gluten free is such a simple way to accelerate fat loss. I was slow to hop on this bandwagon because I was super skeptical, but research shows that most women with excess weight have a gluten sensitivity, which promotes inflammation which causes weight retention.


Plus, the extra carbs and calories that you’ll be saving yourself from lead to rapid results. It’s not so bad, once you get used to it. Wrap sandwiches and burgers in lettuce or on top of a pile of greens!


2) Exercise 4x’s Each Week: Take the next 30 days to really focus your fitness efforts. Train as if you were preparing yourself for an athletic event, with the mindset that each and every workout is important in seeing you through your goal. Make a log of each time that you exercise, noting the duration, intensity and activity.


3) Go Sugar Free: Sugar is the biggest thing holding us back when it comes to dropping fat and getting lean. And not just refined sugar. Take the next 30 days to cut out all sweeteners and limit your intake of sweet fruits. This will be hard at first, especially if you have a sweet tooth, but the rapid change in your body is fantastic incentive to keep going, and you’ll find that this approach will even change your palate.


4) Enjoy Your P’s: Enough about all the things you can’t eat. Let’s talk about what you can eat. Your meals should be a variety of protein and plants. For protein stick with organic, hormone-free meat that has been roasted, baked or grilled. For plants, stick to veggies, avoiding starchy veggies like potatoes sticking with an assortment of colorful, fiber-filled options.


5) Join My Program: Sound too overwhelming to do it all on your own? Feeling stuck on where to begin? The quickest way to get your body into tip-top shape is to get expert accountability and guidance so you don’t have to force yourself to make changes or guess if you’re doing it right.


We’re here to get you into the best shape of your life, with a proven, effective system. Make the commitment now, and together we can make the body of your dreams a reality by creating a personalized 28-day Custom KickStart just for you so you can start your journey. Programs are less than the cost of dinner out each week!


So there you have it, five simple steps to transforming your body before another season comes and goes!

Remember, the next 30 days are going to pass whether you jump on board with a fitness plan or not. Either you’re going to spend the next 30 days simply getting older and more out-of-shape OR you could buckle down and finally make your amazing transformation.


The choice is yours.


I’m here to see you through it all. Call or email now and let’s get started!

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