The Importance of Small Decisions

One of the things I’ve been reflecting on is the importance of small decisions.


I’m an all-or-nothing person by default. If I’m not careful, every shortcoming stunts my ability to thrive in my other decisions. One “bad” choice makes me feel like it’s not worth trying anymore, and I quickly get off track toward what I want.


But progress doesn’t come with one choice - it’s a culmination of small decisions, and this is especially true for health and wellness.


What you eat for breakfast, whether or not you will exercise today, what you eat for lunch, whether you take the elevator or the stairs, what you eat for dinner, and whether or not you’ll eat that dessert.


These are all small decisions that make us more likely to make other great decisions - however, one bad decision doesn’t negate the other great decisions we make.


Put another way - it’s not what we do in moderation that defines us, but what we do consistently.


Each and every small decision that you make throughout your day adds up to the shape and fitness level that you have. If 80+ percent of these small decisions are made with fitness in mind, then your body will show it in the most attractive way.


I want to encourage you this week to focus on the little things, and seeing how they add up. Allow the good things you do for yourself to add up, with the most important good decision being to forgive yourself for choices that you’d otherwise feel guilty or shameful for… there’s no room for that!


May this be a fantastic week.

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