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“Seek not for events to happen as you wish, but wish for events to happen as they do, and your life will go smoothly and serenely.”

I came across this quote from the philosopher Epictetus this weekend, and it challenged me to evaluate my perspective and the control I so often try to exude over my life.
So much of my energy is wasted trying to curate the events of my life and the life of my family in an effort to create happiness, but the irony is that the more control I try to control my circumstances, the more unhappy I become.
The reality is that the more we seek for events to happen as we wish, the more disappointed and discontent we become with our lives. It’s an impossible thing, to have everything to occur just as we want it to. Rather, the more content we are in our circumstances as they are presented to us, the more enjoyable life becomes.
Now, this certainly doesn’t mean sit back and aim for nothing to happen – this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t work toward and strive for achieving and realizing things we want in life. But, effort and investment is only one ingredient among many in the recipe that is life.
A huge piece of this is to see life – and all the smaller things that make it successful – as a journey, not a destination. When we are able to find fulfillment in the journey – detours and all – we can live a life that is full of joy and contentment.
My challenge for you this week is to trade out the dream of having everything going as planned and, instead, embrace the messy, sometimes chaotic, windy road that is your life. These are the things that build our character and create the memories that create a full life.
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