The new studio transformed me.

It’s been a long summer. 

Six months ago I signed my name on a lease and applied for a building license and was served a heaping dose of reality. 

It turns out I couldn’t just move some equipment in and open a training studio. There were all sorts of hoops and catch-22’s and obstacles. 

You know, just like life. 

We think we’re just gonna lose 10 pounds or just gonna do this or that - and life’s like LMFAO 🤟🏼

Journeys don’t turn out just because you plan them. Instead, you get presented with opportunity after opportunity to become more resilient instead of bitter, communal instead of isolated, stronger instead of scared. 

We’re finally open in Downtown Campbell at 471 E. Campbell Avenue. The product of real sweat and tears, patience and encouragement and a few curse words scattered between. 

I can honestly say I wouldn’t trade the person I’ve become these past six months for having just moved in when I planned. 

My life has been entirely changed this summer, and it’s only just the beginning. 

So here’s introducing Campbell’s newest company, a place women can learn to face their obstacles head on and not back down. (Could it come at a more appropriate time?)

We’ll approach your goals the same way we approach our own - one day at a time, letting obstacles strengthen us for what’s ahead, and remembering that success doesn’t come to the lucky, but to those who persevere. 

If you or a friend are looking for that kind of a place - stop by and say hey. It’s our dream to empower you toward yours. 🤟🏼

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