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Time is by far the most common reason we give for not taking care of ourselves.


It’s certainly a valid excuse.


Spare minute are as easy to find as spare change, between what our families, jobs, chores, errands, responsibilities and other commitments require of us.


And while I get the reasoning, I’ve come to realize that because of all that’s required of me, I don’t have time to not take care of myself.


If I don’t have energy, I can’t tackle my to-do list.


If I don’t have patience, there’s no way I’m going to survive my next toddler tantrum.


If I don’t have confidence, there’s no way I’m going to be able to run my company and serve the women who are part of it.


The list could literally continue - but I don’t have time. HAH.


If I can get real here for a minute, I’d dare say that without taking care of myself, I wouldn’t survive the day. I often struggle with my mental health, which deteriorates quickly when I don’t eat well and exercise. There are many days my very life depends on it.


This isn’t intended as a PSA for running or weight lifting or coming into train at our studio. It’s intended to spotlight the need for taking care of you - because you’re the only one we have.


The rat race will go on without us. In fact, the only thing we’re rushing toward is the grave.


This isn’t a dress rehearsal. When we don’t commit to being our best by taking care of ourselves, we surrender to wasting our potential. We teach our kids to do the same.


My challenge for you today is evaluate if you’re really giving the best that you want to give to the things you truly care about - your family, your work, your commitments. If not, what’s one thing you can do improve?


It’s not about losing weight. It’s not about fitting into a jean size. It’s not about being enough - you already are.


It’s about recognizing that you have limitless potential - and you deserve to feel fantastic in all that you do.


May this week be the week you decide you don’t have time to be anything less than who you were created to be. If you need a team to rally and encourage you toward that, we’re here to do just that.


Here’s to thriving -


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