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You’re worth not waiting for.

We’re arriving at the time of year when we basically say we’re going to abuse our bodies for the next six weeks, and resume taking care of ourselves after the New Year.

I beg you to reconsider!

This doesn’t mean you have to jump into a full-on wellness routine of logging everything you eat and exercising a dozen times a week (honestly, if you really want results this isn’t the place to start anyway.)

What it does mean is that you change your perspective, adjusting your lenses to see what you can do that’s good for you, to see that not making healthy choices for yourself is to deny good things - dare I say, abuse yourself.

There’s no such thing as neutral when it comes to health and wellness (or, anything in life, for that matter.) You either move closer to what you want, or you move away from it.

It’s like a strong ocean current pulling you from shore. Either you’re swimming toward thes hore, or the undertow is pulling you further away. (And yes, treading water also counts as moving in the right direction - it does take effort!)

Why does this matter? Because you deserve to feel fantastic. Because the people and passions that drive you deserve the best you can give. And your best depends on being strong, confident and healthy.

I can honestly say that my heart aches every time a woman says she doesn’t have time to take care of herself. Not only is it hurting her, but it’s bad the world - it encourages our kids to not take care of themselves; it means that very soon, she’s going to run out of steam.

From experience, I can assure you that one can only run on coffee and curse words for so long. The fizzle at the end of that jet propulsion feels like crap. Let’s decide now to do it differently.  

This holiday season, I hope you’ll choose good things for yourself, as an act of goodness for yourself and an extension of the love and dedication you have to the people and passions that drive you.

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