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The saying goes, “a watched pot never boils,” and that feels true… as long as it’s not empty.

Ever noticed how much that applies to our lives and the way we act? When we’re mindful and cognizant of our actions and our emotions - essentially, watching our own pot - we’re less likely to lose our cool, feel stressed or anxious, and feel overwhelmed.

But no matter how mindful we are, when that pot is nearly empty, the time it takes to reach its boiling point decreases. It just doesn’t take much external influence to cause it to erupt.

I’ve talked a lot about “filling up your tank” so you can pour into others - but over the weekend I realized there’s more to it than that. When we’re empty, we are too easily influenced by our environment.

Exercising, eating well, getting enough sleep - these are just some of the many ways we can pour into ourselves, filling up our tank so we can be full, living the life we truly want. And it’s important to watch that pot, recognizing that when we pour into others we deplete ourselves and, when we’re empty, we have a diminished capacity to withstand all life throws our way.

So how about it? I’ve found that I’m less likely to fill myself up - I need community and accountability to invest in myself. It’s just how I’m wired.

If you’re in this same boat, we’ve got some fantastic opportunities to get going on a program that will empower you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to realize your full potential.

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