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What’s most important isn’t what you can do, but what you think you can do.

And let’s be real - for most of us women, we don’t tend to think we can do very much.


It’s no secret that confidence - essentially defined by that first line above - tends to lack among women. Some of it’s genetic; some of it’s biological; all of it is learned.


What I’ve found most encouraging in my own search for how to inspire women towards increased confidence is the simple act of mastery.


“The confidence you get from mastery is contagious. It spreads. It doesn’t even really matter what you master... what matters is that mastering one thing gives you the confidence to try something else.” (The Confidence Code, p 40)


The term ‘mastery’ does not mean being the best. “It is about work, and learning to develop an appetite for challenge. Mastery inevitably means encountering hurdles; you won’t always overcome them, but you won’t let them stop you from trying.”


This is essentially the root of what we’ve been preaching at 5:17 for the past half-decade: the confidence you gain through mastering new skills like exercise bleeds into your personal, professional and relational life.


You begin to prove to yourself session after session that you can, and it’s a feeling that multiplies and divides like a deadly viruses - deadly to hesitation and self-doubt.


But this brings up another, more striking point: women tend to not try because we’re scared to fail.


Perfectionism is certainly to blame. One study that found women would only apply for a position if they felt confident they met 100% of the requirements; men would apply if they met 60 percent.


But on the subject of attempting - the above statement was the conclusion of a study at University of Milan in which women participants performed much more poorly on an exam with spatial puzzles than their male counterparts.


However, when the researchers told women they must at least try to solve each puzzle, scores shot up - they did as well as the men. The initial performance discrepancy was because women left so many questions blank, unsure of their answers.


If you’re struggling to get past the fear of trying, it’s worth it to examine the root of your thinking.


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Ultimately, the point I’m trying to make is this: if you want to thrive in life - feel confident, achieve your dreams, etc. - it’s time to see the benefits of exercise and wellness for more than weight loss or even energy, health or other outcomes.


Simply stepping out and trying yields incredible outcomes. And you’re worth it.

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