Do you need a New You? Probably not...

Do you need a New You? Probably not...

You don’t need a *new you* this year. 


Welcome to a fresh calendar and a proverbial clean slate... I beckon you to not waste it.


Certainly, be bold and brave and daring in your pursuits, discarding the labels and comparisons of those around you.


Be ambitious and revolutionary and free, breaking with traditions that don't fit you and the calling you have received.


Go and do and see and enjoy, whether it's your couch or Everest or the space in between.


And embrace joy, love and peace, for yourself as well as others and the place in which you find yourself, for true happiness is found in wishing for things to happen as they do.


You, my friend, have blank pages to fill.


Don't waste them by conforming to some external standard, or trying to measure up to another's mark, or imposing "shoulds" on what you can be or achieve.


Break ties with perfection, the need to get it all right in order to receive merit. Your value isn't based on how much you do or achieve, but who you are. And you are brave, capable and significant - even when it feels like you're not.


Uproot the lie that you need to fix or repair something about yourself. You're not broken, your worth increasing based on how your body looks or functions. You were created with beauty and strength and immeasurable worth, so any change you choose to make should be as an investment in the treasure that you are.


And don't just resolve to do these things, a passive decision to find some outcome that has a timeline of its own. Instead, take the step, knowing that strength and ability and success comes in the going, the doing of things without guarantee that it will work out.


In a world of picture-perfect filters and having it all, it's often difficult to live these out. But there is a place to safely do these things and live out the messy practice of finding your way - imperfectly, and beautifully, equally distributed.


At 5:17 Total Body Transformations, we do it by strengthening ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, knowing that we deserve to be the best we can, with grace, courage, humility, perseverance, authenticity and compassion.


This year, you don't need a "new you," you just need to love and strengthen the you already inside - everything you need is already there.


If you or a friend could use this kind of encouragement (let's be real, we all do) then shoot me a message and let's figure out a way to get you plugged in, whether it's in one of the many free events we have coming up, or beyond.


We want every woman to embrace these truths and the freedom that comes with them. That's how a fantastic New Year can occur year after year.

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