Flooding Results

We had a flood in the studio this week. 

As it turns out, a small drip dropped every second for 15 hours can lead to a gallon plus of water on your floor. 

Ever feel like the investment you’re making toward your goals is futile?

It’s not the drip that makes a flood, but the drip after drip after drip. 

I'm not going to sugar coat it. The truth is that lifestyle changes aren't easy to make and that change won't happen overnight. There's a good chance that you'll have occasional setbacks. But don't even think of giving up! 

If you never give up then you won't fail. Each day is a new chance to start over. Begin each day with the resolve to make your new healthy lifestyle a priority. Results will soon follow.

If you could use a team to come alongside you to keep those drips going, we’d love to be there for you (because we all need each other!) Simply reply to this email and we’ll get a consult set up! 

You can do it!

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