It's all in your head | Personal Training in Campbell

It's all in your head | Personal Training in Campbell

No really, it's true. The things you do, the decisions you make, the way you see yourself – all of it is right between the ears. And success in any positive life-change requires you to shift the dialogue that’s coming from that spot to words that are uplifting and encouraging.


We’ve been conditioned to believe that we must hate ourselves, or some piece of us, badly enough to want to change it. But let me ask you this: how often do you do good things for things/people you despise? It’s possible, but it’s not within our nature.


The idea that we are broken and less significant because of the size, shape or function of our bodies is abhorrent. I’d love to burn this notion to the ground. Who’s with me?


Your worth and value isn’t based on how you measure up to someone else. You have worth, beauty and significance all your own, embodied by no one else on the planet. And any improvements you choose to make should come from recognizing you possess limitless potential.


Our entire mission at 5:17 is to empower women to realize their full potential, and it is entirely contingent on each of us recognizing that we have what it takes, and that the more we invest in ourselves, the stronger we become and the more we can positively influence those around us – our kids, our partners, our co-workers, the world.


Yes, you have the potential to change the world. And it starts inside.


So say it with me: I will do good things for myself because…

-          I am valuable.

-          I am talented.

-          I am beautiful.

-          I am capable.

-          I am brave.

-          I am significant.

-          I am ___________.


If you could use a supportive community who already believes this about you, complete the ‘request more info’ box below and we’ll get you plugged in however works best for you. This world needs more women to realize how amazing they are – and trust me, friend: you are incredible.




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