EMPOWER Program for Female Entrepreneurs

Live Your Best Life With The EMPOWER Program At 5:17 Total Body Transformations

Integral to a woman’s success in business and entrepreneurship is a focus on wellness in order to thrive. Unfortunately, this isn’t what current culture promotes.

A renowned business magazine recently published an article – by a woman – that claims if you’re going to achieve big things in your career then cut sleep, family, or friends. The message is clear: it's not possible to live a full life.

At 5:17 Total Body Transformations, we want to change this overworked, overextended culture of entrepreneurship and help women create the lifestyle they truly want. Not one that’s perfectly curated and flawless, but one where you’re strengthened and empowered to handle whatever comes your way.

We believe that the journey should be much more than just grinding it out to get to a destination that’s never good enough. Having a whole, thriving life is ideal… and it’s what we all want.

Our EMPOWER program is a wellness lifestyle program for Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who want to release what’s holding them back from the life (and body) they truly want so they can realize their full potential and feel empowered to thrive.

Certainly, there are limits – we won’t do it all perfectly, and we can’t excel at everything. However, we can have a balanced, thriving life without being

  • worn out
  • run down
  • and feeling spit out by life.

Caring for ourselves is integral to achieving this... otherwise we won’t have enough to do the things we love in life.

That is, after all, why we went into business for ourselves, isn’t it? Because we wanted to do what we love in life. We wanted to set our own hours and wield a respectable income and enjoy our hobbies and families and friends. Yet, for far too many women entrepreneurs, reality has held us slaves to our emails, working odd hours, feeling icky, sore and lethargic, and often feeling like we’re drowning.

What we want for women in business is to see this doesn’t have to be the reality – and we want to guide you on this never-ending evolution.

We’ll empower and lead you to create the lifestyle and income you want, without compromising your values and fulfillment.

Components of the EMPOWER program include:

  • Our revolutionary Functional Emotional Fitness™ program... which unlocks the tools within yourself to interrupt, restructure and reprogram any emotional state or behavior that doesn’t work, so you can create the life (and body, relationships, etc.) that you want.
  • Business coaching... focused on improving your strategy and mindset and providing accountability with follow-through to increase momentum toward your goals.
  • Fitness training... that keeps you challenged and motivated week in and week out. Come in, give it your all, and enjoy the sense of accomplishment when you leave.
  • Nutrition accountability... that supports and educates you on the path to sustainable strategies. 
  • An empowering camaraderie... from a community of like-minded women striving for the same things – a truly successful life that’s dictated on our terms.

Interested in being part of this high-powered community of women dedicated to being the best version of themselves?

You won’t find perfection here - far from it. In fact, if you’ve got it all together this probably isn’t the place for you. Here, we come in all shapes and sizes, backgrounds and beliefs, but one thing ties us together: we believe have limitless potential and each day we’re filling up our tanks so we have more to pour into the people and projects for which we’re passionate.

To maintain the integrity of our community, we accept participants by interview or nomination only. To learn more, simply, complete the Request More Information form below and we’ll call you within two business days with next steps! You may also email us at info@517transformed.com.

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